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St Joseph’s is a small Catholic Primary School in the heart of Black Rock. 

We value the sacred dignity of all our community and embrace the difference and diversity of all learners. Learning at St Joseph’s is personalised and teaching is evidence based. We provide opportunities and experiences for children to develop and learn in a community where everybody is known as a learner and as an individual. Understanding how children learn and develop informs how we teach and care for our students.

As a learning community we value strong partnership with families and strive to provide authentic ways for families to engage in our school and parish. 

Together we strive to enable children to have the knowledge, skills and optimism to live rich lives and to contribute positively to the lives of others.

Liam Buckley




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Liam Buckley
Ben Sandison
Deputy Principal
5/6 Teacher
Chris Kelliher
Mathematics Leader
3/4 Teacher
Melinda Phyland
Learning Diversity Leader
5/6 Teacher
Kate O'Brien
Literacy Leader
Foundation Teacher
Hanna Wood
Year 2 Teacher
Jenny Keely
RE Leader
Gai Cooke
Year 3/4 Teacher
Louise Watts
Indonesian/Art - CLIL
Catriona Boterill
Year 2 Teacher
Regine Del Castillo
Year 1 Teacher
Cathy Wells
Henry Mutimer
Physical Education
Louise Murray
Environmental Science
Tess Giles
Learning Support Officer
Mikaela Lowe
Learning Support Officer
Michelle Herd
Learning Support Officer
Angela Stutterd
Learning Support Officer
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St Joseph's Primary School - History Photos 1
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St Joseph's Primary School - History Photos 2
St Joseph's Primary School - History Photos 5
St Joseph's Primary School - History Photos 7
St Joseph's Primary School - History Photos 3
St Joseph's Primary School - History Photos 4



St Joseph’s Primary School, Black Rock, was established as a church/school in 1928. History reveals ‘that before 1928, local Catholics attended a Sunday Mass, with a visiting celebrant, at the Black Rock home of a Mr & Mrs Murphy, on a wide, lattice enclosed verandah, where a temporary altar was set up and chairs provided for about 15 to 20 people’, known as the Murphy Church. (Parish Historical Records).

A new St Joseph’s Church was opened in 1964. In 1992 Fr Gerard O’Callaghan retired as Parish Priest of St Joseph’s Parish and Fr Tom White, Parish Priest of Stella Maris, Beaumaris, was appointed Administrator. Fr John Dupuche was the first Parish priest of the Parish of Nazareth and Father Anthony Denton become the new Parish priest in July 2015. Both Parishes combined in 2008 and became the Parish of Nazareth at Rickett’s Point. The amalgamation of both parishes has been well received by all within the community.


The main building of St Joseph’s School was opened in 1954. In 2005 the original church building was refurbished and now houses administrative offices, a teacher resource area, meeting rooms, a staff room and an art room. An additional classroom was also built. The parish/school hall was refurbished in 2008/09 and includes tennis clubrooms for St Joseph’s Tennis Club. The school was upgraded with four classrooms and building a new library, computer lab / multimedia centre under the ‘Building the Education Revolution’ commencing June 30, 2009.

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